The Man of Honor and Genius Sees All



When I was living down in Santa Clarita I actually got promoted to night stocker at the market. Unfortunately they started me on the dog food department, which I know doesn’t sound frightfully difficult, but, what was the most confusing to me was the color coding on the cans. Of course theres like a hundred fucking flavors and types of dog food even though dogs literally just inhale the shit and don’t even bother chewing. Naturally all those different kinds are more for the gratification of the customer rather than the dogs. Anyway, what nearly drove me crazy was this color code they used. You would think they’d use colors that were as different as possible, like red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, and extreme variations of those to render the differences quickly recognisable, but heres what they actually did, beef, red. lamb, vermilion. Chicken, scarlet, seriously, the colors they used were THAT fucking similar, and there must have been easily eighty
fucking flavors. I swear, some damned dogs eat better than I.
Anyway I was always backed up and couldn’t finish in time, so I went back to trash pick up. Also, possibly, if I wasn’t tweaked all the time I may not have had such a hard time. Unfortunately all the insanity I had to deal with at home could not have been dealt with any other way. It is unfortunate amphetamines last as long as they do.
I have a lot of really weird memories from my early childhood, but I’ve decided that many of them were actually dreams I have had, but some of them I just know are true and really happened.
Once, when I was walking home from school through the alley I saw a cop ducked behind a dumpster with his gun drawn. He just looked at me and smiled the way cops usually do when they see small kids. Naturally I find that really strange. If he had his gun drawn it was obvious he felt himself to be in a dangerous situation, that he felt his adversary was armed and not afraid to use it. It did occur to me that maybe they were shooting a scene from a movie or TV show. Watching those old episodes of Adam 12 are really a trip because they were filmed around where I grew up. But, if they were filming something they would have had the area blocked off. I don’t know, maybe the cop just had his gun drawn as a precaution and he was covering someone else. Its just that if there were a life or death situation going on there I just don’t see how I was allowed to just casually, and completely by accident, wander right up to it.