Two Knees and a Nod


Baby ghost soaking in the gutter
Didn’t bother finding shelter from the storm
Now he stews in a foul brew
Living nothing but regret.
Flags dance fitfully in the breeze
The sky wheezes, coughs and sneezes
The gloom soaks deep into the concrete
Violates and saturates the lazy streets
It tugs on everybody’s coats
As they scurry along
And annoys everybody to the very dregs.
What good are anyone’s words if they
Will not stand up too deffend them?
But again, a facts a fact.
At least I assume it is.
I assume the books I read are true
I assume my eyes see whats really there.
I don’t try to be right
Even though I often am.
Say what you want
But do what you must
Its all a tangle
Interwoven with nightmares.
“Theres no sign of the rest of him
Over here. I’ll go look this way now
And meet you by the Museum
Of Human Failures and the Library
Of Lies at around bed time.
They then went their seperate ways.
Each then met their own seperate catastrophe
And they none of them saw one another
Ever again.

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