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What is this “thin privilege” bullshit? Because obviously the fat fucking whales are too stupid to realize they’re calling the people they hate “privileged” which is a good thing.

Also here’s some short OC from my high school days
>2 fat bitches at my school
>one is LITERALLY ball shaped 
>lesbos because no man wants them
>together because no thin girl wants them 
>they break up one day
>thin girls comfort one of the whales
>suddenly rolled dough comes back to take everything back
>she brings a whole cake as an apology
>mfw it’s half eaten
>mfw the people around me know what’s up
>mfw these bitches can barely hug




>Be in middle school
>Average; not skinny or fat
>Active in P.E. and capable of outpacing most during cross-country runs
>During one particularly bad day at P.E., lightly jogging due to sickness
>There’s this “choke-point” in the route we run
>Continue lightly jogging through
>As I feel sick, I slow down and start slightly speed-walking instead
>Suddenly get sent flying ahead 
>Somebody pushed me really fucking hard from behind
>As I’m sliding on the rough dirt I feel a massive weight fall on me
>Fat whale of a girl is globbing her sweat on me as her stench rapes my nose
>Freak out and scream “Get off me you’re too fat!” while my full leg strength to kick her off
>Once she’s off, stagger to my feet and immediately puke right next to her
>She starts crying and waddles off 
>Walk to the nurse and lay down for a bit
>A few days later, get called to the office
>Lectured about how bullying is horrible and if I do it again I’m in deep shit
>Her friends hassle me for months after 
>Later on learn that her family tried to sue the school and my family for emotional distress and harassment 
>The fatass who shoved me and nearly crushed me apparently told the school I intentionally slowed down to force her to stop and that I assaulted her both violently and sexually when she was on top of me
>The charges never went through and the girls hassling me were lightly warned to stop
>Have had a strong distaste for fatties since then



Yes well when white men and asians are working as lawyers and doctors and engineers
And mexicans are blowing leaves and cleaning pools and doing a fuckawesome job of it too.
And niggers are collecting food stamps and robbing convenience stores
And natives are collecting government checks and huffing gasoline
And women are living off of welfare and alimony
The wage difference makes sense, doesn’t it.

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