Hawaiian Baby Woodrose experience

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose experience

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Re: Hawaiian Baby Woodrose experiences
Posted by: Leoninus

This is the story of my friend’s experience of HBWR.

*Dose: 6 initially, then about 7 more over the following few hours.
Peak: About 4-5 hours after he took the first dose.
Lasted about 24 hours or more. My friend is 21 years old.*

This was his first experience with HBWR.

*6pm:* My friend ground up 6 seeds as finely as he could with a rock. He found that if you put a coin on top of the particularly hard bit of seeds, the force of the rock upon the seeds is more concentrated – thus increasing the chance of it being well crushed. He mixed the ground seeds with about a teaspoon of fruit juice and left it to soak for 15 minutes or so.
*6:20pm* He took the seeds by holding the fruit juice in his mouth for 15 minutes. He then spat most of it out, but swallowed some for good luck.
*7pm *By this time, my friend was seriously doubting the quality of his seeds. He had bought them on ebay – where they were marked as ‘quality, genuine hawaiian strain’ seeds. My friend stupidly decided to take more seeds. This time, he simply scraped of the light-brown, paper-thin layer of skin and chewed the seeds up well – swallowing them also.
*7:20pm* My friend began to feel something. It felt like being slightly drunk, but without the sluggish dull feeling. He looked in the mirror, and his pupils were huge. There was only a very thin circle of blue around his pupils, he was loving this.
*7:40pm* The feeling had intensified, but it still didn’t feel ‘hallucinogenic’. It began to make him feel noticeably tingly, and he kept rubbing his hands on his legs and fidgeting. He went to the piano to play some music, he could still do that, although his perception of depth and of his strength was somewhat compromised – making the otherwise elegant contours of a Brahms rhapsody somewhat cumbersome. He took some more seeds. Then some more. By this time, he had taken 13 or 14 in total.
*8pm *His friend popped by, but didn’t seem to notice any strange behaviour. Perhaps he was being polite.
*8:20pm* Another friend popped over. My friend who had taken the HBWR began to feel deeply relaxed and kind of excited at the same time – but, thankfully no nausea at all!
*8:30pm *The feelings again intensified. My friend felt light-headed, the type of dizziness one feels before fainting.
*8:40pm* My friend fainted, and hit his head on the way down. Nothing too serious though. When he woke up, he was surrounded by a couple of people looking very concerned, one person was calling an ambulance – which was quickly called off. Apparently my friend was out cold for only 30 seconds or so, but he can only remember events that happened 15 minutes after the faint. This means he probably wasn’t lucid for about 15 minutes.
*9pm* His friends tried to persuade him to go to hospital, at this point they must have seen his eyes. My friend tried to tell them not to worry, and that fainting was normal for him. Of course this made them more worried. *_He thinks the reason he fainted was due to vasoconstriction, therefore not enough blood reaching his head. He could feel the blood leaving his hands, feet etc. It would be wise to lie down, or at least sit down, if you consume large amounts of HBWR so you don’t pass out!!_*
*10pm* After an hour or so of people worrying, people began to leave my friend’s room – with only one good friend remaining. Still no nausea. My friend had now been lying on the ground since he fainted, with a pillow under his head. He was feeling more relaxed than he had ever felt before. He felt that everything in the world was going to work out. He only worried how he would apologise to his friends for worrying them.
*10:30pm* His last friend went home. He was now alone. He stayed in the same position on the floor for a while, then tried to move himself across the room to lie beside the phone, just in case. When he got up (crawling, he couldn’t stand. It felt like there was somebody pushing him down if he tried to get up), he immediately felt faint again, and starting blacking out. He got back onto the floor and lay on his back. The faint feeling passed.
*10:45pm* At this point, a feeling of overwhelming panic came upon him. He genuinely thought he was going to die. He started going through it all in his head: best case scenario, his body would go into shock and he’d end up in hospital getting his stomach pumped. My friend has never felt this worried or panicked before. He stared moaning frantically, trying to get the attention of anybody he could. No noise was coming out of his mouth though, he had very little control of his body. He was completely freaking out. He made a last desperate effort to make it to the phone on the other side of the room. He made it, but just.
*11pm* He was lying on his back beside the phone and dialled 999. He heard the voice of emergency services, and hung up straight away. He thought he should try to sit it out rather than making a bigger deal out of it.
*11:30pm* He felt better now, but needed to occupy his mind to take it of the crippling panic. He opened his laptop and watched some episodes of Friends. He found it overwhelmingly funny. Although he couldn’t laugh properly, his voice still wasn’t working properly.
*Midnight:* He turned Friends off, in order to charge his laptop. However, he still couldn’t stand up or move properly. In fact, it was now a lot worse. He started feeling the panic again. Even worse this time, if that’s possible. He could only feel somewhat normal by lying on his back. He did this.
*12:30am* He had no lost track of time. He was watching various funny things on the internet to take his mind off the horrible, horrible experience – his hand clenched the phone throughout.
*12:40am* He felt overwhelmingly dehydrated. He couldn’t move though, so he reached for the kettle. It had a reasonable amount of tepid water in it. He tried to drink it, and ended up pouring it all over himself. He tried again, more successfully this time.
*1am:* He need to pee. This was quite annoying, as the bathroom was on the other side of his bedroom. He considered being in the bin, which was beside him. He crawled to the bathroom, kneeled to pee (still couldn’t stand), and just finished peeing before fainting again. Probably knocked his head again on the way down, very small bathroom.
*1:10am:* Panic again. Body started shaking, he felt suddenly very cold. Thoughts were racing through his head. He thought he was DEFINITELY in trouble. He made his was back to the phone.
*1:30am:* He sat it out again, lying on his back. He was now alternating between waves of extreme panic and waves of euphoric indifference. It was terrifying. Phone was again clenched in his hand. He started watching episode on his laptop again.
*1:45am:* He felt very tired, but was afraid of going to sleep in case he didn’t wake up. He was afraid of choking on his vomit, or going into shock again and not being able to call an ambulance. He knew that he had taken WAY too many seeds. Strangely, he felt entirely normal in terms of mental activity. He felt tingly, but he could think clearly. A couple of times, he suddenly became aware that he was talking to himself. He had no idea. He was saying random things, completely against his will and without noticing. That was weird.
*2am:* The room looked a bit strange to him at this stage. Almost cartoon-like. There was a noticeable red/orange tinge in the room.
*2:15am:* He got this strange feeling that he was in a straight jacket that was being tightened. He was tensing up, his entire body was stiff and cold. He again picked up the phone, but decided not to call anybody.
*2:30am:* He crawled to the bathroom a few more times to pee and get a drink, nearly fainting every time. With every trip to the bathroom, he was feeling slightly better. He was still incapable of standing up.
*3am:* He finally decided to get some sleep on the floor beside the phone. He tried to think of nothing, as in, just a white blank vista in his head. However, even this blank vista began to cave in on itself on dance around his head. He couldn’t switch off. He was getting some weird closed-eyed visuals, one train of thought would lead straight into another, then another, then another. The thoughts would race through his head (he actually tried to recreate this a few days later, but he physically couldn’t).He didn’t get to sleep until 4am
5am: He could finally walk again, thank god. He went to the toilet and got a big drink of water. Slept until 9:30am.
*9:30am:* Showered, etc. and begam normal day. He felt pretty normal all day, except for some difficulty with speech (ie. tripping up over words) and occasionally bringing up random and irrelevant things, thinking that they were relevant in conversation. That was quite weird actually. He got to sleep that evening at 9:30pm, had some strange dreams at first, but then a really good sleep. In total, the effects lasted for about 24 hours or more.

Advice: Never take more seeds than you decide at first, ie. decide you’re going to take 5 or 6, take 5 or 6! The effects took around 2 to 3 hours to kick in properly with my friend – don’t rush it! You will likely experience vasoconstriction – ie. numb, tingly and cold hands/feet etc. this is what made my friend faint. Don’t do anything physically straining after taking them. Before taking them, set up a space in your room that is comfortable, has a few glasses of water, a TV or laptop, a phone and where you can lie down comfortably and warmly. My friend felt very cold around 2am, so make sure you have a few blankets. Strangely, my friend felt no nausea at all.

All the best,
Drugs Forum

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