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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


dead dog tired…..


yes, i’m as tired as a dead dog, as opposed to one of those frisky dead dogs you may have seen in that vidio where that virus reanimates corpses.
hope anne comes through for me, but shes sick, and when shes not feeling well shes very selfish and uncooperative to the point of being sadistic. plus shes leaving the state for about a week and a half on saturday.
oh well, all i can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.
too bad i work with a bunch of retarded assholes.
oh well, thats all for now!
good bye assholes!



Monday, December 12, 2005


fuckin mooches everywhere….


shit, i was seriously plannin on quitting smoking for health reasons, but also it would be nice to quit just so these assholes will stop bugging me. amazes me people have absolutely no problem walking up to someone they don’t even know and asking for something for nothing, and alot of these social retards get abusive when you dont givem what they want. fuckin sick of it. cant even enjoy smoking in public anymore, whenever i see someone walking toward me i know theyre gonna have thier hand out, and 9 out of 10 times im right.
people ask for money, smokes, and on several occasions total strangers have asked if they could suck my dick! not nice looking young ladies mind you, but rather not altogether very attractive gay guys, well, exept that one nice looking young man. and a few times these brazen nonentities even asked to use my cell phone. “hey sure pal, take it! its yours! wait here and i’ll run home and get you my silverware!”



Sunday, December 11, 2005




not feeling too stellar. on top of those infected spider bites i have one of those headaches in the base of my neck. hope i’m feeling at least a little better tomorrow as it will be another long day of slow, mind numbing torture in a friendless environment.
by the way, someone said they saw an article about that email i got that was supposedly from the fbi. apparently its as i suspected, just a ploy to infect people’s computers with viruses. what a bunch of stupid asses, these guys are in deep shit and i hope they get thier unwiped asses nailed to the wall, don’t they know its a serious federal offence to impersonate a government agency with malicious intent?
this email even has authentic contact information associated with it, an officials name, phone number and washington address on pennsylvania avenue, undoubtedly copied from a real communication. if you recieve such an email, don’t freak out, just delete it.
i’ve been out of work so long i forgot what a living hell being a wage slave is. waking up to an obnoxious alarm clock before your done sleeping, navigating through traffic of uncourteous wreckless drivers, fighting through crowds of other proles on public transit, sitting in a messy room doing dreadfully dull repetitious work, doing the same thing in reverse on the way home, getting home too wiped out to do anything fun, living for the weekend where youre simply recovering from the pointless stress of the week, only to do it again after a couple of days.
but what else is to be done? seems its up to the anglo saxon communities to keep the wheels of commerce spinning. makes me wish i lived in one of the latin countries of southern europe or america where they don’t take work quite as seriously and put enjoying life first.



Saturday, December 10, 2005


impressions can be most decieving……


it occurs to me that people who only know me from my online activity, i.e. my artwork, my writings and my journals, probably think i’m a pretty negative individual. mostly from my journals because i complain so much. and plus i like to say stuff to shake up all my uninvited ‘fans’. but to my mind thats what a journal is for, well, a private one at least, like these used to be till word got out. its just where i ‘get it out of my system’. in real life i’m actually quite pleasant and helpful, despite the fact i haven’t been feeling tip top lately. but thats the true test of charactor, anyone can be nice when they feel well and thier life is progressing nicely. it takes true virtue to be genuinely concerned about others when we ourselves are feeling ill or depressed.
i probably shouldn’t be stirring up further trouble by saying demeaning things about my ‘stalkers’, but naturally i feel indignant that they have robbed me of my privacy. it WAS nice to have a place to express myself and bounce ideas off people who i didn’t know and would most likely never meet anyway. but, unless i’m willing to open up a series of accounts under false names and sever all ties with current acquaintences i don’t see how that can happen now. besides, if one knows someone who is computer savvy you can’t really hide online anyway.
got an email from the fbi the other day. they said i’ve visited over 30 illegal websites. like, what the fucks this patriot act bull shit? i don’t think i’ve visited 30 websites since i’ve been online, let alone illegal ones. they sent an attatchment that has 30 questions they want me to answer, but if they want me to answer questions they better incorperate it into the email as i dont open attatchments. too many jerks sending viruses.
besides, what constitutes an ilegal website and if its illegal whats it doing online? am i too believe this is some form of entrapment? only one i can think of besides those fascist yahoo groups i was monitering for a while was this drug site that told you how to make lsd. like i’m really gonna do that… i can’t even bake cookies without burning them….



Friday, December 09, 2005


drop dead tired…


can’t hardly believe how low energy i am lately. and i always feel like i’m fighting a flu or something. could be something too that, being squeezed like a sardine into a bart train full of sneezing, coughing slobs exposes you to more than your share of pathogens.
new isseu of ‘defunct magazine’ should be hitting the stands soon. theres a three page spread with my art and writings in it. interesting, but needless to say if i was making the editorial decisions it would have quite a different look, but it actually didn’t come out half bad considering what they had to work with.
wonder how long it will take those drooling internet stalkers to loose interest in checking up on me? eh, probaby never as they obviously find me so endlessly captivating and would hate to miss a single word i say. cant figure those morons out, well, except shit stain tantrum boy, he hes allotta free time on his impotent hands, what else has that pile o crap got to do except spy on people and gossip about them? i tell ya, the world will NOT miss him once he’s gone. even his ‘friends’ and family will have forgotten about him within a week. he’s just one of those high maintenance types that contributes nothing, so i’m sure a general sigh of relief will go up once he meets his gruesome end. i just hope he sees it coming and regrets what an insufferable asshole he’s been and how he’s wasted his life making problems for others instead of trying to improve his own lot. then hopefully, for good measure, some wrathful diety will roast him on a spit for the rest of eternity. i cant think of anyone who would deserve it more..



Thursday, December 08, 2005


another beautiful day in hell….


and happy bloody fucking holy days to all you and yours. i wish i could get what i really want for christmas, but so far gwen is’nt being very helpful. i could get the more expensive shit, but they cut it all to crap so its a rip off and gives you more pain than pleasure so why even bother. a little mellow herb would be nice, but shit, dont even know where to get that. theres a couple people i could hit up, but i hardly ever see them and i dont want them to think thats the only reason i visit. besides, i would visit more if they were helpful, but their always broke so i’m always afraid of getting ripped off if i go through them. i dont mind getting a little ripped off, i mean one expects it, but some of these jerkoffs go nuts. i should try to get medical, but its alot harder now, but still possible. but the thing is a scam as ya gotta pay the doc a couple hundered bucks for his diagnisis. unethical as hell if ya ask me. people fuck everything up..
the new store is a pain in the ass to get to, but at least the people thier are too busy to fuck with me much. the other store was mostly lazy fucks with too much time on thier hands and not enough intelligence to utilize it creatively. plus my department manager is much nicer than that faggot who used to manage me at the other store.

(Boy, was I making a premature judgement here, that dirty trash hippy faggot was the worst POS ever!)

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