Sleep Paralysis


>have anxiety disorder
>go to sleep
>wake up every 2-3 hours
>early in the morning wake up again
>eyes shut, but i’m awake
>can’t move

>dad walks in
>says grandma died
>try to roll over
>start trying to yell
>just wheezing 
>trying to grunt and roll around to get my dads attention
>suddenly wake up and fling myself out of bed, smash face into wall as hard as I could, and screamed the entire time
> Dad runs in and asks if I’m ok
> scream “I CAN MOVE” like I’m on fire
> Dad stares and walks away
I was a weird 15 year old at the time

>sleep on matress on floor next to mates bed
>enter sleep paralysis
>feel prescense under mates bed
>slowly but surely lean my head to check under bed
>takes about 1 minuite cuz so slow and cant move
>two red eyes under bed
>face rushes through me
>start to wake up

> on couch napping
> hear burglar jiggling doorknob, entering apartment
> burglar turns on kitchen sink, drinks tap water
> yell but no noise
> burglar chuckles

>wake up
>on my side, meant to only happen when on my back
>see legs dangling in front of me
>longer i keep my eyes open, the lower the legs get
>i can see a dress now, completely white but stained with blood
>reaches her torso, literally right infront of me just floating down
>gets to neck
>mouth, huge smile, scars everywhere
>nose, more scars
>eyes, scariest pair of eyes ive ever seen in my life
>shut my eyes while i hear a voice saying strange things I can’t quite make out behind all this static in my ears

If you want to lucid dream also make sure to keep a dream diary. Check events in your dream that happen regularly. Then when these kind of triggers happen in real life, instantiate a reaction like counting your fingers and tell yourself you´re awake and in power. Then when you´ve got your pavlov effect working. When that trigger happens in our dream you will automatically count your fingers and think you´re awake and in power. Then try to hold on to your elevated consciousness and enter the lucid dream world where you can do everything you want, sense about 80% more then in a regular dream

>have big meal late at night. 
>go to sleep shortly after. 
>Start have shit scary nightmares.
>I’m having gasoline poured over me and set alight. 
>back to reality, in bed and roll over. 
>gf is lying next to me with her throat slit. 
>screaming internally black out. 
>dreaming again but conscious that I am. 
>awh shit time to fly nigga. 
>suddenly a demon/monster appears
>”come at me brah”
>he does and suddenly my whole body is in agony.
>screaming internally again and back in my room.
>screaming but can’t make any noise. 
>the intruder is at my door.
>black robe no face 7ft tall
>is coming closer and closer and I’m literally thinking I’m going to die for the fear.
>actually wake up and pissing sweat I’m so scared 
>phone gf to see if she is alright and see if she is okay. 
>pass out and sleep normally again.

THAT was some serious shit. Fucked me up for a few days. Sleep paralysis is not something to mess with.

Does anybody have an explanation as to why we all see the same tall dark figure? I get that theres a whole sciency side to this but I’ve never heard an explanation as to why we all see a tall man (usually at the end of the room and edges closer as we have an extremely real fear of dying)

I’ve heard it say some strange shit, I’ve had a nightmare with him in it many times in which he tells me to wake up, then when I wake up and shut my eyes immediately after seeing him and noticing im stuck I can hear “open your eyes” and most recently “i am your shadow” – seriously freaks me the fuck out even though I’m okay with SP in general

>be abused by mom as a kid
>anxieties 24/7 for past 15 years
>find out girlfriend of 3 year is cheating on me
>she leaves me
>have sleep paralysis every time i sleep for at least 3 months
>can’t move, or scream
>black shadow figure pushing me deeper into my mattress
>can’t breathe arms stuck at my sides
>keep fighting to get up
>finally release

i still get it from time to time usually when i have extreme anxiety attacks

>summer house
>watching breaking bad
>fall asleep
>wake up
>cant move
>shit gets spooky
>old man enters room
>stands besides me
>creepy as fuck
>wake up again
>shits back to normal

I have experienced sleep paralysis like 4 times. But i have not seen some kind of ghosts or something like that, but only once.

>Wake up
>Have to go to school
>fuck that
>go to bed again
>suddenly wake up
>can’t move
>try to scream but can’t
>can feel a presence in the room
>see a human figure
>it’s wearing a blue and yellow mask
>holds me down
>wake up
>go to school

>Be 19, weekday morning.
>Wake up, try to move but can’t.
>Panic slightly, then hear thumping of >someone/thing coming upstairs very slowly.
>Really panic, really try to force myself to >move, but can’t.
>Thumping continues, continue to panic.
>Remember I am only one in house, folks are >at work and brother at uni.
>Panic more.
>Realise there’s been about 20 thumps now, >but only 15 actual steps on the stairs.
>Realise my mind is playing tricks and I am >sleep paralysed.
>Thumping continues, lol to myself and go >back to sleep.
>Never happened again.

>be me
>go to sleep
>start dreaming
>in a shoe store
>old lady offers me hot tea
>take tea cup 
>start falling through the floor
>get through the floor 
>in our spare room
>standing there realize i am like 5 years old
>older sister little too
>shes crying
>someone trying to come in
>its my dead mom clawing on the door
>she stops
>i turn to the window
>she is climbing through
>wake up 
>can’t move
>something on top of me
>demon thing
>drags me around my room
>room is a mess
>finally lets me go
>i wake up
>cant move 
>hes back on top of me
>wont let me go
>finally lets me go
>wake up
>hes back on me
>drags me around room
This happens over and over like 9 times.
>wake up no one on top of me

>its morning
>get out of my room 
>walk to kitchen 
>dad is in kitchen 
>i can hear him
>start telling him about my night
>slowly not able to speak
>look in mirror 
>i have no mouth
>run into kitchen 
>not dad
>its dead mom
>her face goes away
>face is just skin
>wake up
>demon thing on top of me
>drags me around my room
Worst night of my life.

when i was in the army, in a time when i didn’t get much sleep, during jeep patrol duties, we stopped to deliver some stuff and i dozed off in the jeep with all my gear, i was tired as shit, after 5 minutes it felt like my awareness level was around 90% but i was still sleeping, when i opened my eyes i just couldn’t move, not even move my head, i knew about sleep paralysis before so i didn’t really panicked but it was still scary, i couldn’t move at all, it was so weird, i think my heart rate went up and i started to get breathy but after 10 seconds it was over and i could move again, i was kinda happy and excited about experiencing sleep paralysis afterwards

>be me just got back from hockey
>go to bed at like 12 am 
>here I am all chill watching tv in my dream
>”There is a strange aircraft hovering over New York City etc. etc” said on tv
>wake up to run
>huge pressure on my eyes can’t move 
>getting ready to die
>I magically gain the ability to move 
>scream for my mom……
>she didn’t help me

>be me 4 or 5 years ago
>uncle was killed by drunk driver a couple days earlier
>otw to his place stop at another family members house for the night
>lay down to pass out round 1ish
>my mother and brother are sleeping in the same room but im the last one awake bored as shit
>start to doze off for a second and then theres a crash sound like a dropped plate but muffled.
>start to get up to check it out
>get a real bad feelin in the pit of my stomach and room feels like its vibrating a bit
>dark anthropomorphic figures is coming together above my head lookin down at me.
>try to scream try to yell but just breath heavy
>shit starts spinning as he gets closer
>eventually i passed out
>no memory of if passin out was a conscious decision

>be in college, have top rack of bunk, only one roommate
>slept on back (stupidly)
>woke up after a few hours of sound sleep
>arms locked, head locked
>dark shadow off to right (left side was up against wall)
>form moves clearer, its a large witch looking thing, long hook nose, pale skin, wrinkled
>cackling it keeps calling my name
>by this point i’m internally freaking out and screaming my roommates name in my head, thinking i’m actually saying it
>this continues for a minute as the creature continues to watch me and speak
>eventually i get out of it enough to start yelling his name
>he doesn’t wake up, but i snap myself out
i’ve never slept on my back since

wake up in living room, cant move my body. my sister is standing in front of me, looking down at me….. its not my sister, eyes are black, unbeilvable fear shoots through me…. cant move….. ‘sister’ keeps staring with dead eyes…… cant move, heart is racing. feel tingling in fingers…. BAM! body comes online. eyes open, im actually in my bedroom, facing towards the wall.

another time. woke up with intense fear that something was in my closet….. couldnt move…. soon as body came online, started screaming uncontrollably, my dad kicked in my door as i had locked it before i went to sleep. he was pissed.

as ive gotten older it seems to happen less.

>be 16
>go to sleep
>wake up in the middle of the night
>see a ghost
>can’t move
>ghost comes closer
>still can’t move
>ghost flying towards me
>then actually wake up

Only happened a few times
>Wake up
>Cant Move
>Eyes open
>Still Cant move
>Try harder to move
>Feel it breaking
>Finally break it
>Sit up, confused
I’d read about it before online, but untill I experienced it I never thought it was a real thing. Didn’t really bother me too much, don’t like feeling like I can’t control my body though.

>Have dream about an evil japanese scientist luring me into his lab for what I suspected of him using me as an experiment
>Start asking doctor all kinds of weird moral questions
>Like religion, if her prayed. I’m not even religious idk why I was doing that
>Go into his lab and there are fucking crazy creatures everywhere
>I’m fucking terrified.
>This cat thing walks up all sly like and then jumps on me biting my hand
>I can’t get it off. I shit you not I could feel this bite
>I’m trying to get the doctor to help me. He’s just laughing
>I’m so fucked. holy fuck I’m scared
>wake up.
>can’t move
>trying to wake my gf beside me. 
>The harder i try the worse it gets
>she finally hears me say something and shakes me up
>I don’t even recall speaking i just remember trying to.
>says that i umbled some shit and then said YOU LITTLE BITCH
>couldn’t sleep rest of night.

>go to sleep with lavalamp on.
>makes red glow
>wake at 2 am
>can’t move
>hear voices, no, one voice that sounded like many.
>felt the most dreadful fear I’ve ever felt in my life. Panic attack worthy
>try to listen to voice
>fast, deep, and speaking a language I’ve never heard before.
>I felt the presence as something demonic with the sound of the voice.
>see one corner of my room, completely red due to lava lamp. 
>feels like it goes on for hours
>can move again, instantly reach for remote of my light
>turn it on, nothing is there. No sounds or anything.
>look at clock, 2 am

It was the worst feeling, I felt so vulnerable, So much dread, instant anxiety to the max. Felt helpless in such a horrible hallucination. 

Sleep paralysis, don’t try it kids. Not even once.

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