Beatles – Revolver (FULL ALBUM – Stereo Remastered)

Revolver is the seventh studio album by English rock band the Beatles, released on 5 August 1966 on the Parlophone label and produced by George Martin. Many of the tracks on Revolver feature an electric guitar-rock sound that contrasts with their previous LP, the folk rock inspired Rubber Soul (1965). In Britain, the 14 tracks from Revolver were released to radio stations throughout July 1966, “building anticipation for what would clearly be a radical new phase in the group’s recording career”.
The album reached number one on the British chart on 13 August 1966 and charted for 34 weeks. It also reached number one on the American chart and stayed at the top spot for six weeks. The album was remastered 9 September 2009 for the first time since its 1987 digital compact disc release. It was ranked number 1 in the All-Time Top 1000 Albums and number 3 in the Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. In September 2013 after the British Phonographic Industry changed their sales award rules, the album was declared as having gone platinum.

Lennon’s other contributions included “I’m Only Sleeping”, “And Your Bird Can Sing”, “She Said She Said” and “Doctor Robert”.

1. Taxman 0:00
2. Elanor Rigby 2:39
3. I’m Only Sleeping 4:46
4. Love You To 7:46
5. Here There And Everywhere 10:45
6. Yellow Submarine 13:11
7. She Said, She Said 15:49
8. Good Day Sunshine 18:26
9. And Your Bird Can Sing 20:35
10. For No One 22:35
11. Doctor Robert 24:35
12. I Want To Tell You 26:52
13. Got To Get You Into My Life 29:18
14. Tomorrow Never Knows 31:48

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