Chatty Small Talk Sunday…

Book Talk by Abathar-MuzaniaIt is unfortunate I have to put up with so much distracting garbage from the Mrs. I could really do without all that. I won’t inform you with a list of my domestic grievances, interesting though they are, only because that would create tons of new problems for me once she sees it. Instead I think I will bore you with the details of my latest online shopping experience. A little over a month ago I bought some powdered San Pedro cactus from someone calling themselves “marti-reyes” on ebay. Well, one always takes a degree of risk when doing any kind of commerce with strangers over the internet, and since my luck has been pretty good lately I suppose I was overdue for a disappointment. I received the item promptly and it was nicely packaged in a small Tupperware container, so I capped some and ate it. I forget how many 00 capsules of the stuff I consumed, but all it did was make me slightly nauseous. People need to remember, especially if they are selling this stuff, that it has a pretty short shelf life. According to something I read I think after two months it starts to go bad.Anyway I contacted him about this and he was more than a little evasive, but seemed genuinely concerned when I said I didn’t want to give him a bad review, so I decided to mail the remaining portion of the unused product to him for a full refund. Since I was apprehensive about things not going smoothly I covered myself by getting a tracking number associated with the shipment. He got the merchandise back in around a week and it wasn’t till a few days ago I started looking into what had happened. He had not refunded my money and was not answering my emails. My initial impulse was to blast him with a scathing review so he would not be able to enjoy the money he got from me because he’d know he lost much more money due to my bad appraisal of my transaction with him. Karen, however, convinced me to open up a case against him on ebay and, since I find getting square more satisfying than “getting even” I decided to go that way. Even though it was slightly longer than a month since I received his item, my going through the additional trouble and expense by getting the tracking number saved the day. I got all my money back except the $6 I paid for that and shipping. I still haven’t decided what kind of review I shall give him. He wasn’t frightfully cooperative and I’m still six bucks down on the deal.

2 thoughts on “Chatty Small Talk Sunday…

  1. I have no experience with this stuff, but according to an account of Native American peyote worship that Bernard Roseman gives in his book LSD: The Age of Mind, nausea and vomiting are a regular feature of the rites. According to him, the Indians gather in a hogan, where one guy’s job is to keep a fire going and shovel ashes onto the puddles of vomit that cover the ground as the Indians gobble vast amounts of the cactus and drink peyote tea. Participants are encouraged to eat and drink as much as they can and expect to heave so as to expel negative forces or spirits from their bodies.

    • LOL! Sounds fun! But the cactus powder isn’t the same as peyote. When I had it tears ago it tasted nasty but didn’t make me puke and it WORKED!

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