Happy Monday all you Taxpayers!

Well jeez, Now I can not post pictures from my hard drive on this blog anymore. I was able to copy and paste the above picture from DA. I’ve been having trouble uploading pictures for a while. That is why I’ve taken to doing those big picture dumps, because it was just easier and less time consuming to dump a bunch of pics at once than do it one or two at a time because it just takes so darn long, over 10 minutes and getting longer all the time until yesterday or the day before when I was no longer able to upload at all. I don’t know whether I’ve maxed out the mega or gigabytes allotted to me on this bog for pictures or if I have some kind of weird virus, but I can no longer post pictures from my hard drive, which is too bad since I still have tons of cool pix yet to upload. I may just start another blog exclusively for pictures and post the link to it here. So I guess this blog will just be videos and written posts from now on until if I can get it fixed.

Yesterday was a tough day for me physically since I took two rather dramatic spills:

As I said in the video I would likely feel it in the morning and damn, I sure as hell did. My back is majorly messed up and I have all kinds of bruises. I think alcohol is to blame.  I was drunk all the time for a spell and I was totally functional. Now that I just drink once in a while I’m much more sloppy I guess.

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