Kiesza – Hideaway (Official Video)

I post this because there seems to be a sort of mania among many younger people for the 80’s. I know this isn’t really 30 years old but it’s intentionally ‘retro’.
Why this nostalgia for the 80’s?
They weren’t that great, except maybe for all the mountains of glistening cocaine.

6 thoughts on “Kiesza – Hideaway (Official Video)

  1. The 80s were awesome from a lot of angles – mostly superficial ones, I would concede. I’m old enough now to understand that the country was well on its way to ruin by then, and that Reagan wasn’t really the wholesome, grandfatherly protector of the free world that he seemed to be; but the decade was high on style and colorful distraction. Most people, from an aesthetic standpoint, will favor the sensibilities of the years when they were young since, for them, that represents normalcy, a golden age, or a kind of pop cultural Eden; and since I grew up in the 80s I retain an admittedly irrational fondness for its products, notwithstanding all the creeping multiculturalism, pantsuited feminism, normalized miscegenation, empty-headed flag-waving bluster, bad slow motion, MTV, and the rest. It was a great decade for stylish sleaze and kitsch, with all the neon, lit smoke, heavy metal, hooker movies, larger-than-life action hero and horror franchises and steroid-pumping pro wrestlers, flitty Brit synth-poppers, rock anthem training montages, big hair whores, erotic aerobicising, and such. Do you honestly feel no twinge of nostalgia at witnessing any of the following?

  2. That “Hideaway” video, by the way, definitely has an 80s look of an early Madonna joint or something, but the song sounds more like forgettable early-to-mid-90s dance pap.

    • Well, I can’t remember the 80’s all that well since I was so loaded on coke. 😉
      Anyway I believe the 50’s and early 60’s represented the apex of our culture. Back before things REALLY started going crazy!!

      • It’s all relative. My father is still into 40s and 50s schmaltz like Mario Lanza and Eddie Fisher and didn’t get the whole rock and roll thing when that burst onto the scene. Musically, at least, I certainly wouldn’t pretend that the 80s were an overall improvement over the previous decades.

      • Well, on the surface it seemed to many people a return to the 50’s, but with less of that evil wacism. But, as I said, that was only appearance since the same sinister forces were just as relentlessly pursuing their evil ends as ever.

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