“the worst thing that has ever happened to me, just happened… “

at the back of a lecture with about 300 people
lecture is boring so I go on the internet
I see a link to a funny looking eFukt video,
put my headphones in and click on it.
Start watching it and it’s funny
Then I notice that the lecture theatre was completely silent
I look up, everyone is looking at me while i’m sitting there smiling
look down and see my headphones aren’t even plugged in
mfw I realised everyone saw me smiling at a computer screen while really loud sex sounds come from the speakers
mfw I didn’t even leave the lecture, I just plugged in my headphones and continued

Should I an hero, I can’t come back from this.

No. Stay alive. They fear you now. You have their respect. You can rise from this like a phoenix from the ashes.

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