4 thoughts on “Death Race 2000 [1975] Paul Bartel

  1. One of my favorites. But, come on. Rocky is easily Stallone’s best acting. His best over-the-top straining-and-grunting-and-sweating stuff might be in First Blood or Over the Top or Lock Up, though.

      • Been too long since I saw that one for me to remember it very well. Any vintage Stallone is going to be better than his new ones, though. Unfortunately, now that I’m older and more tuned in, I realize that Stallone’s legacy of macho entertainment is darkened by the fact that so much of what he’s done has promoted New World Order b.s., from interventionist flag-waving bluster in Rambo 3 and the Expendables flicks to his private endorsement of gun confiscation. What a mumbling ass.

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