Mr. Nice Guy


9th grade
There’s a sweet, pretty girl who had her lost her legs in an accident and uses a wheelchair
Has very few friends due to her condition
She’s a fantastic artist
My friends and I decide to prank her for shits and giggles
I pretend I want to be her friend and she warms up to me instantly
We start to hang out outside of school
Sleep over at her house one night
We play video games, playing some Twisted Metal
Ask her if she can show me her portfolio (she was in the advanced art program in our school and needed to create fifty or so amazing art pieces to pass)
After a game I say I need to go to the bathroom
Pull out big-ass scissors from my pocket (big pocket I was wearing jncos) go into her room, and cut the bottom-half of all of her art pieces off and trash them
The next day, she rolls up to me in the middle of class, on the verge of crying, and asks me what happened to her art
I said, “I made them look like you”
All my friends laugh heartily
She rolls over to her table, alone, and just stares at her hands in her lap for the rest of the day

It was less than a month before that art was due, too. There’s no way she made it up in time. Sometimes I’ll look back and wonder what became of her. Did that event make her a stronger person? Or a weaker one?

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