DOG EAT DOG – Official Trailer

Jayne Mansfield stars in this trashy-hip tale of cat-and-mouse intrigue set on the intoxicating shores of the Mediterranean. Dog Eat Dog casts Mansfield, Cameron Mitchell, and Ivor Salter as a band of thieves who embezzle $1 million in cash from the U.S. Treasury and escape to a not-so-deserted island.

Along the way, the crew crosses paths with a nefarious cast of characters including an opportunistic hotel manager and his ice princess sister. Through a series of dirty tricks and double deals, the loot comes up missing, as each character seeks revenge and the cold hard cash. It’s every man and woman for themselves as the body count rises along the sun-drenched coast.

With hair-pulling catfights, blonde bombshells, overripe dialogue, and a classy cast of European thespians, Dog Eat Dog is a sexy cult classic.

Dog Eat Dog is available on DVD from Dark Sky Films.

3 thoughts on “DOG EAT DOG – Official Trailer

  1. I heard that Dog Eat Dog was a troubled production, but it doesn’t come across in the finished product. This movie is unaccountably underrated, and should please any admirer of Mitchell, Mansfield, or sleazy noir. I don’t understand the hostility people exhibit toward this movie.

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