A life changing discovery:

Before all of this happened I was a normal guy; fair good shape, I had girls, I had friends, I played sports and was planning to become a doctor.
Then one of my buddies sent me a link for this video..
I opened it and laughed at it at first, then something happened.
I began to feel my neurons shrinking and like trying to escape from my brain, every neural pathway was blocked, like when there is a tsunami coming and people assault the highways to get away from it, chaos, panick, sudden explosions like electroshocks began manifesting with popcorn-popping sounds, it increased any second this video kept going, at half of it I tried an heroic attempt to close the video, but it was too late.. The voices, the music.. The images.. Then a fedora appeared on my head, instantly I had a rush of dopamine-induced euphoria; I realized that I have a superior intellect and produly rejected the religions of stupid sheeps, my neck started growing a majestic patchy beard, my eyes got covered with glasses, my body fat increased exponentially, suddenly I found myself teleported in the basement, then I received a message on my phone, it was my (ex)girlfriend, she told me that I am sweet, nice, a true gentleman. But she didnt quite connect with me anymore, she wanted to be just friends, I wasnt even mad. Girls are expensive and pretentious and they don’t understand gentle, nice, caring souls like mine. Only porn does.
Then I found Reddit and 4chan, finally I had a place where people understood me. You cannot imagine my euphoria! I rapidly became a top-poster, respected by my peers and feared by my online enemies.

Look at me now, I am enlightened, I am independent, I can hack your life if I want, make memes against you and order pizzas to your home, this, my friend, is Power, this, my friend, is what I became.

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