GM Motorama Exhibit 1956

GM’s Motorama exhibit in 1956 featured a film that looked into the far distant future of 1976 with predicted a jet age future with electronic digital displays and an On Star like central command that would guide us along our uncrowded path to adventures.

2 thoughts on “GM Motorama Exhibit 1956

  1. It’s always a kick to see how people used to think the future would look. When I was growing up, there were all of those post-apocalyptic desert wasteland movies, which in retrospect are quaint because nearly everybody in those is white. Which raises a question. What would be worse: to live in a post-nuclear-holocaust world of only barbaric and potentially radioactive white people, or a healthy green world full of diversity on the march?

    I only wish these 50s motorists had sung through the whole thing, instead of just at the beginning and end. Musicals aren’t my favorite genre, but I do enjoy one on occasion. A few weeks ago I watched Doris Day in The Pajama Game (1957) again and was amused to hear a politically incorrect line in one of the songs about how Indians love them some scalps:

    • Well, considering those were likely White scalps I suppose it’s OK. Anyway, you always have to take in the big picture, always consider the future, most people these days don’t and just live in the present like animals. “Diversity on the march”?, but marching where? To a savage world of negroes ran by megalomaniac jews.
      What a nightmare. I’m glad I wont live to see it.

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