4 thoughts on “The Gossip (1955)

  1. Centron, the company that made this short, was based in Lawrence, Kansas, a 45 minutes’ drive or so from here. You’d be hardpressed to discover any of that Midwestern quaintness there today, though. This sort of reminds me of Peyton Place (1957). Have you ever seen that one? It’s one of the screen’s great treatments of the ramifications of gossip, one of the highlights of the “late Hollywood” period of filmmaking, and makes fine exquisite of Cinemascope. One of the most gorgeous movies ever. It also straddles the old and new Americas uneasily, retaining a lot of the sweetness and innocence (i.e., whiteness) of pre-60s America – with nary a negro to be seen! – but, along with its sequel Return to Peyton Place, giving intimations of the depravity and decline to come.

      • Peyton Place and Return to Peyton Place are both on YouTube, but you have to pay $2.99 to watch. I rented these through Netflix, and the attractiveness of the first film, in particular, really warrants a crisp, clean viewing experience that you probably wouldn’t get from a typical YouTube upload. I actually wished I had Peyton Place in my collection after I rented it, as it’s one I plan to go back and revisit periodically.

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