Tulsa Oklahoma in the 1950’s – Cities in America Documentary

A US Government educational film for the 1950’s showing the history and role of Tulsa as a marketing center for Oklahoma’s farm region and the oil industry. Discusses Tulsa’s emergence as a boom town after the discovery of oil and its development into a meatpacking, grain and cotton center. The film also explains the oil industry’s impact on Tulsa’s economy, families and educational facilities. We see students from the petroleum engineering school at the University of Tulsa visit local refineries and many scenes of typical 1950’s life in America.

This film has been made available to the general public thanks to the US Government Fedflix program.

Was the narrator of this, like, super successful and getting tons of work, or was this type of voice just real popular and everyone tried to imitate it? A little of both I suppose.

Friendly, tight communities. Science was king, yet most people believed in God. Everyone was working, doing the best they could, each generation trying to do better than the last…WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED?!!

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