The Banana Splits Episode 01

The sixties were a sick time. The hostile elite were doing everything they could think of to melt the brains of Mr. and Mrs. America and distort the lives of their children as well..

Almost immediately after the civil rights act and the open immigration act they busily applied themselves to intensifying the youth oriented counter culture movements and through music, magazine publishing and B movies encouraged the young to use drugs both experimentally and habitually. Even prime time television was intentionally made intensely bizarre. Shows about ghosts, genies, talking horses, martians, futuristic space exploration and time travel and all kinds of weird stuff were all over the airwaves and watched by both Joe Lunch Pail and his spouse Suzie Home Maker. This was done not only to open people up to accepting the strange and unusual but to distract them from how their society was being warped and crippled.

The end result is the crap country we find ourselves living in today that even as I write this is teetering on the edge of total collapse.

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