I am the high priest of the voodoo cult of the Burbank shriners. I live in the tiki room inside the tonga hut right off of Riverside drive behind the Bobs Big Boy.
My gris gris is very strong so back off bwana!!
This bog is drying up, so maybe move on to greener pastures where my black magic is still rank and writhing: http://squidfoot.wordpress.com/

4 thoughts on “About

  1. You’ve got a decent sense of humor and a sharpness I like….I’m curious though…Are you that white pride kid that got his cunt all stuffy when I challenged him, or are you one of the crypto-nazis from the Lashian crew? Either way, it’s cool Doooode! Cus, all us Hippys be lovin’ no madder wut yu say, cuz we dun so much acid we dunt know how to retain a perspective long enough to defend it. Fart! I just farted on your blog, 🙂 hehe, get a job shmoozer. And in case you didn’t know, reblogging Americana isn’t a job. ;P

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